Do I need a doctor’s referral?

No, you do not need a Doctor’s referral. However, it is highly recommended that you ask your Health Care Provider whether massage therapy would be suitable for you if you are suffering from severe or acute pain, swelling, or any other symptoms that you are not used to experiencing.

If during the session I feel that you need to seek medical attention, it is likely that I will decide that it is not appropriate to give a massage at that time. If there are major health concerns during pregnancy, then I would require a letter from your Doctor to give permission for massage.

I had a caesarean, can massage help?

Yes, I will adapt the work to your body, as different people have different recovery rates after a caesarean. I will encourage the mother to massage her scar first, before we discuss when and whether it is appropriate to work directly over the scar, that is a very personal decision.

How soon after giving birth can I have a massage?

It is excellent after birth and there is no specific time at which you can start receiving it. It can be helpful and very beneficial to receive massage and energy work during the post-partum period. Care needs to be taken with supporting the healing and not over stimulating the body. The sessions will be adapted to you and I can offer at home treatments during the first few months post-partum.

How should I lay on the couch if I’m pregnant?

Most women are comfortable laying on their side during the massage. I use cushions to support the bump and legs, but if this is not comfortable there are other options. We may also work on the yoga ball.

Is pregnancy massage safe?

Pregnancy massage with a trained Therapist is safe throughout the entire pregnancy.

I have just had surgery, can I still have the massage?

Please allow 6 weeks after surgery before an appointment.

Can I have abdominal massage with a coil fitted?

Yes, but I would avoid the womb and lower abdominal area.

I am preparing for IVF/ I have received IVF, can I still have the massage?

Yes, treatment can be received up until implantation.

I am not trying to conceive, is this massage appropriate for me?

There are so many benefits to fertility/abdominal massage and you do not have to be trying to conceive to benefit from this massage. You can receive the full treatment at any stage of your cycle except menstruation. This massage is also highly beneficial for women who are not having a cycle anymore and also for women who no longer have a womb.  Please click here to read about the benefits.

I am trying to conceive, can I have fertility massage if I think I might be pregnant?

Yes, you can have it, I will avoid the womb after ovulation and will include other modalities, such as energy work, depending on your individual case.

Can I have fertility/abdominal massage during menstruation?

Yes, you can have it, however, I will avoid the womb area and work on other areas and include other modalities, such as energy work, depending on your individual case.

What are the contraindications to massage?

Massage is generally safe for most people, however, there are some conditions when massage is not considered safe or appropriate. It may be that massage is not allowed at all, or that certain parts of the body would need to be avoided. Please click here for more information about the conditions that might be contraindicated with massage.

If I am sick with a cold or flu, should I still come to my appointment?

If you are in the early and most contagious stage of a cold or flu, typically during the first 48-72 hours, please do not come in for your session. Please call me to re-schedule your appointment.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment or will incur 100% of the fee being charged.

How can I pay?

Payment can be made by cash on the day, or bank transfer before the session. I do not accept cheques. You can also head to my fees and packages page and make payment there.

Do I need to get undressed for my treatment?

It is important that my clients are comfortable and relaxed during the session, so I ask that you wear as many or as few clothes as you are comfortable with.

I felt like crying/laughing during the session, is that ok?

Yes, all emotions are welcome. Sometimes we find ourselves laughing when we feel that we ‘shouldn’t’, for example it could be during something sad. This is perfectly normal and it is a release of emotions. Sometimes during the massage tears might surface and you may feel like crying. Please do let the tears out and don’t try to hold them in. There is often surpressed sadness or grief waiting to come up and out of the body.

It is important that if you do have a release of emotions during the session, that you try to be gentle on yourself afterwards by having supportive people around or having some quiet time to digest your feelings.

Do you massage men?

No, I only work with women.

How often should I come for a massage?

Clients come for a massage as often as they feel is right for them and as often as their resources allow. Regular sessions have an accumulative effect and reduce symptoms and improve well-being more quickly. That might mean weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions.

What can I expect from my first appointment?

My approach is to tailor the session to the needs of the individual on the day. I will usually email you the consultation form and ask you to email it back to me before the first session. We can then go through the form together on the day and discuss various options.

Then I will leave the room so that you can undress to your underwear and return to start the session. You can of course choose to leave your clothes on and for Gentle Release Therapy and Energy Healing you are fully clothed. During the session you will be covered with a towel and a blanket. I will play music, if you prefer not to have music please let me know. The session is tailored to the client and her needs on the day and it is also intuitive to what I am guided to bring to it, so I can use a combination of tools, such as massage; energy healing; visualisatons; drumming, singing bowls; incense etc.

Once the massage is over, there is time for any questions you have and to discuss anything that may have come up for you during the massage.

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