Terms & Conditions


If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment I am happy to do that with at least 24 hours notice. If this is not possible, you can gift your appointment to a friend or family member, otherwise the full fee is due.

If you forget your appointment, or just don’t turn up, the full fee must still be paid for the session.

If you are suddenly ill, or you go into labour, then I do not expect you to pay.


If you are late, your appointment will be shorter, to accommodate the clients booked in after you and the time needed to clear the therapy room and get it prepared for the next woman. You will still be responsible to pay for the whole session.

Health Information and Disclaimer

Any information about nutrition, exercise of lifestyle given by me, is purely educational. I am not a qualified Nutritionist and I offer suggestions based on my own research. It is your responsibility to go home and do the research yourself and make decisions based on your own findings.

It is your responsibility to seek medical advice. The sessions I offer do not claim to diagnose and do not claim to cure. My approach is to assist you in your healing process and to support you on that journey. I offer a safe, held space for you to just be with yourself and whatever comes up for you on that day. You are not coming for healing from me, you will be on your own path to your own healing within your body, which is very powerful when we take ownership of our health and our wellbeing. Healing can and does occur on a very deep and profound level and can look very different to what we expect. However, I cannot give any guarantees, or make any claims for healing to occur.

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