Womb Healing & Womb Blessings

Womb healing

Womb healing is hands on healing using reiki and other energy work to help shift physical and emotional pain on a deep level. I offer women a nurturing, non-judgmental space, to let go and receive healing for many issues. Holding onto past negative pain can create dis-ease within the body, leading to long term physical and emotional issues. Womb healing can help women who have had hysterectomies or other procedures come to terms with the loss of their womb, even if it was years ago.


Womb healing can help with the negative effects of:

Miscarriage/stillbirth/abortion; domestic abuse; infertility; negative sexual experiences; menstrual problems; fibroids; hysterectomy; menopausal symptoms; post menopause; birth challenges; unreleased negative emotions.

Womb blessing:

The Womb Blessing is a path of female transformation and healing, of opening and returning to our original and authentic femininity. It is a system of energetic methods that opens women more deeply to the Divine Feminine, raises their vibration and awakens blocked or dormant aspects of their female self. Womb healing can be given as part of a healing massage, or separately.  A Womb blessing is offered to you as you are sitting on a chair and fully clothed.


As a certified Moon Mother, I work with energy, breath-work and meditation during the session. It can be given no more than once a month, to allow the healing clearing and integration of the energy to work. Pregnant women can receive the blessing up to 20 weeks into their pregnancy.

The Womb Blessing helps woman to gradually heal the patterns and blocks within them, and balance their female energies, to create physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance and harmony within the menstrual cycle and within a woman’s life. It is a path of self-development and spiritual development and an awakening of our authentic female nature, bringing love and harmony. The womb blessing path helps women with or without a womb or a cycle to grow in self-acceptance, self- love and empowerment and to express the beauty of their authentic femininity and walk their soul’s purpose in the world.

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