Contraindications of Fertility and Abdominal Massage

Avoid Fertility Massage:

  • Whilst you are menstruating (Although other massage and healing is great to have).
  • If you have a coil fitted (other massage is great, avoiding the lower abdomen).
  • If you had any recent abdominal surgery.
  • If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant (Although pregnancy massage is great at any stage of pregnancy).
  • If you have an infection or high temperature (Please call for advice).
  • 3 days prior to and during a heavy bleed.
  • Within 6 weeks of minor surgery.
  • Within 1 year of major surgery (or with approval from GP).
  • Active infection or STD.
  • Please let me know where you are in your cycle, as if you are past the date of conception, I will avoid the abdomen and sacral area.
  • Discontinue Fertility Massage once you find out you are pregnant (Please ask about pregnancy massage).
  • Avoid womb area and deep sacral massage, post ovulation if you are actively trying to conceive or have had implantation.

If you have health issues consult with your physician before beginning Fertility massage. 

All treatments are tailored to each client and can be adapted to include less massage and more energy healing, or light massage, avoiding the abdomen and sacrum.

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